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Group Sessions for Schools

Social and emotional Learning Groups

Director and Senior Therapist, Elisha Whyley, has written several SEL programs for local therapy services, local schools,rural schools and community services. These programs are still running today and support many children to establish and practice the essential skills highlighted in the below program. All programs are written with the Victorian (or state based)Curriculum Wellbeing Learning outcomes included.


General program

  • Self awareness, self confidence, self efficacy and self compassion.
  • Gratitude and mindfulness practice.
  • Emotional literacy, awareness and understanding emotional regulation in themselves.
  • Community, belonging and identity.
  • Limit setting, boundaries and peer pressure.
  • Understanding anxiety, reactive behaviours and safety.

Evidence based techniques in a range of modalities including Counselling, Play Therapy, Art therapy, Animal Assisted therapy, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Psychology inclusive of CBT and DBT skills.  All of this is put into practice in the groups with additional resources for the school and children to keep.


Custom written programs tailored to specific needs

Speciality/custom written programs or additional program add on topics may include, though not limited to:

  • Grief, loss or traumatic community events (Bushfire, loss, death of a school community member, unwell students, teacher or family members, upcoming closure of school).
  • Tranistion programs for new students, year 6 students, year 7 students, year 12 students.
  • Exam periods.
  • Neurodivergent children.
  • Bullying.
  • Hygiene, self care.
  • Family violence.
  • Neglect.
  • Self Harm Behaviours .
  • Eating disorders.
  • OCD

And many more.


The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth reports schools who ensure that SEL is part of their teaching and learning can give students the opportunity to build the resilience to deal with change and unpredictability. This is an essential skill for positive mental health.


Group work is an area of great passion for Play Edcuate, as it provides support for

  • Families who are finaincial limited, time poor or logistically find it challenging to fit in.
  • Children reluctant to therapy will often attend therapy with their peers in a school or social group environment.
  • Principals, Teacher and support staff – allowing skills to be developed to assist in harmonious learning environements and grerater mental wellbeing for students
  • Families of the students attending the programs
  • The greater school community. Our attendees are able to, and it is often reported to us that they do,  model new skills to their peers


Train-the-Trainer model for school staff

We Love sharing our programs, and it’s exciting to see many schools and local therapy services implementing our programs through the train the trainer model. This allows teachers to run the program multiple times with multiple students when their timetable allows.

Sharing our knowledge and skills to school staff allows the SEL to  reach many children, rather than limit it to a set group

We also Love facilitating our programs, if facilitating the groups put extra stress onto an already full workload for your teachers, we happily run the programs.

Book in for your 8 session program now, or alternatively contact us for more information about our custom programs and Train-the-Trainer model,