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Home Engagement & Boredom

As a parent this common childhood catchphrase can be a frustrating one. It can be difficult to resist providing endless engagement and entertainment to avoid having a child who chants they are bored.

For parents, the moments in which their children show they are mastering skills in being self-reliant are very proud moments. In these moments and achievements, we get a sneak peek into their growth and their strengths. It is the moments they have often surprised you by making their own breakfast, remembering to brush their teeth, making a card for an unwell friend without prompting. A child's ability to connect to themselves, to explore who they are, partly come from moments of boredom when they need to take initiative and think for themselves.

For children, this process develops and is achieved through play. Providing a secure base and trusting your children’s natural inclination to explore and create, without too many boundaries or a specific end result will engage their minds.

It will allow creativity and great problem-solving skills and is far more likely to encourage the development of independence, confidence and resilient children.
When you hear "I'm bored!" and the frustration or the guilt sets in that you aren’t doing enough', remind yourself it is an opportunity for growth and learning.

This booklet will assist to inspire play, it is by no means a "to do list" for parents or children.