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Build Excitement Through Play

Ready or Not...here I come.

Hands up if you are feeling concerned about your child's literacy skills, or maths skills? Maybe you are feeling exhausted battling the spelling words list and it seems too much getting through two words on the list of twenty. Hide and seek can be a fun way to create learning opportunities too.

  • Cut out large cardboard letters from food packaging, or online shopping boxes. You could make the letters of the child's name and they find the letters then arrange them to spell their name
  • Or do this with high frequency words or spelling list words.
  • Hide cut out numbers or use chalk to write the numbers on things in the back yard. Create treasure hunts
  • Map making
  • Clues to the next clue
  • Have a treat at the end, could include a sweet, could be a board game set up to play, or an activity of their choice.
  • Hide messages on paper or written on rocks that say things you are proud of, what you love most about them, a moment or memory of when you saw them exhibit kindness or be a great sibling
  • Use a treasure hunt as an activity for end of remote learning sessions Play spot the difference by moving something in a room or the yard.