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Play Therapy

Imagination can take us anywhere. While stuck at home a cardboard box decorated as a cruise ship, or an aeroplane may help your children "escape" the mundane of home for 6 weeks.

  • Use every day household objects to create a picture of a playground, the beach, a nature walk, a relatives house, friends’ houses, kinder or school.
  • Use LEGO to create a story about where they would like to, or again, build the place theywish they could visit at the moment.
  • Draw pictures in sand or dirt outside, or on a baking tray encourage them to create pictures in flour or rice with their fingers.
  • Use recyclable material to create small towns and encourage imaginary play.
  • Photograph some letter boxes in your street, print them put and have your child put them in number order
  • place shaving cream in a Ziplock bag and sticky tape it to the window to create a squishy drawing board
  • have a crazy hair day at home
  • make salt dough decorations
  • cook lunch together
  • look at photos and tell them stories about when they were little, or when you were little.


Close relatives and friends will love receiving a hug in the mail.

This gives your child an activity mastering a few skills that they would otherwise be practising at preschool, day-care, kinder or school. Fine motor in cutting, colouring or painting. Spatial awareness community connection community roles - using the postal service is fun for children.

You can also use this as an exercise to model positive body awareness. Let the kids trace you, and make comments how strong your body is, how great it was that they tried really hard tracing your body. EG: "I can see that some parts of that were tricky for you, I am really proud you gave that a go, do you want to finish it together?"