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A Lesson in What is Out of Our Control

There are many things happening at the moment that are out of our control.

Sometimes this feels hard to hold, there are likely to be several things you wish you could change right now. Little people feel this too.

This activity opens dialogue for the Circle of control. What’s in our control, and what is not. It gives a visual to help kids see "somethings happen and we can't stop or change it."

You will need:

  • a paper towel
  • a water spray bottle
  • a couple of tubes of cheap watercolour paint (if you do not have these things you can order online)
  • a tray or baking paper underneath the paper towel to avoid a big clean up job.

Place a dot of the watercolour paint on the paper towel. In another place on the paper towel place another dot of colour, you can use one or many colours. one dot, two or more.

Using the spray bottle mist the water over the paper towel, discuss how the colour spreading is out of yours and their control. Like other things that may be happening right now, you can predict where the colour may go or see if you can create patterns.

This can be a metaphor you can use in conversations that come up for your child around things you can’t control.